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Historic Submarine Films on DVD

Digitally remastered and restored from original 16mm prints, many of these films have never been available to the public, and some have only recently been declassified. These historic collections have been transferred from film to DVD using a state-of-the-art professional quality telecine process. Please note, due to their age and rarity, image and sound quality can vary. DVDs are presented in the DVD-R format.

The Silent Service - Submarines of WW2 The Silent Service:
Submarines of WW2

The sneak attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed most of America's Pacific Fleet. Untouched were America's submarines. They would inflict catastrophic losses on the Japanese in World War II.

Featured on this DVD are five rare U.S. Navy films including a rare FULL COLOR film made in the WWII era showcasing the capabilities that led to America's triumph in the Pacific war. Watch a rare, silent newsreel of the recovery of the USS Squalus and its crew after a diving accident. See recruits train for action in the pre-war silent service, and watch rare color WWII combat footage as U.S. fleet boats enter Japanese home waters, operating with impunity and sinking everything in sight.

Also featured is a film showing the capture of the Nazi U-505 at sea. The DVD concludes with a showcase of post-war developments including the launch of the nuclear USS Nautilus.

Color and B&W.
Run time: 90 minutes.




The Cold War Below The Cold War Below:
Nuclear Weapons from the Deep

Features six rare films showcasing the Navy's strategic capabilities during the Cold War, and some of the most daring underwater exploits of the era.

"In Missiles of the Navy" learn about the coming of space age weaponry to the underwater and surface fleets, and the Navy's air arm. See the Navy's never-deployed Regulus II supersonic cruise missile being tested and then launched off the submarine USS Grayback.

Two terrific films show the construction and launching of the nation's first SSBNs, the Polaris submarines. Includes footage of the USS George Washington, USS Will Rogers, and other Polaris boats.

The collection also includes a home movie shot by the crew of the USS Seadragon, and an official film showing that boat's epic journey across the Northwest Passage in 1960.

Color and B&W.
Run time: 95 minutes



The Nuclear Pioneers The Nuclear Pioneers:
Atomic Subs and Nuclear Missles

Featured on this DVD are five rare films showcasing the Navy's nuclear pioneers. Witness the launching of USS Nautilus the world's first "true" submarine, capable of staying underwater for months without refueling or surfacing. Watch as Nautilus fulfills its destiny, traveling under the North Pole in 1958.

See the twin-reactor USS Triton, the largest submarine of its era, as it circumnavigates the globe in 1960 without surfacing. See the fleet boat USS Tunny launch a Regulus nuclear missile off its deck in 1950. The Regulus had one of the largest warheads of its day. During the Cold War, missile boats like the Tunny were America's first underwater deterrents.

The DVD concludes with a rare look at the new nuclear attack subs including USS Albacore, tasked with an all important mission: anti-submarine warfare.

Color and B&W.
Run time: 90 minutes.



Submarine Escape and Rescue Submarine Down:
Escape and Rescue

S-4, Squalus, Scorpion, Kursk: these are the names of submarines which fell victim to tragedy. In the U.S. Navy, emergency training is stressed, and drills conducted to prepare crews for any situation.

Featured on this DVD are four rare and historic training films showcasing techniques to be used in a worse-case scenario. You'll see midshipmen training in the giant escape tank at the submarine school in New London, and witness a full-scale drill utilizing diving bells and rescue vessels in mid-ocean.

Watch as instructors detail deck safety, and describe how to recover a crewman who has fallen overboard. Finally, see a rare and recently declassified film that describes how Navy frogmen and SEALs use the escape trunk to enter a submerged submarine. This film features rarely seen footage shot aboard the special operations boat USS Grayback.

Color and B&W.
Run time: 86 minutes.



Submarine Training The Cutting Edge:
Training School and the Polaris SSBNs

This action-packed DVD further profiles the Polaris SSBNs and shows some of the systems, training facilities and tender ships, which supported the Silent Service during the Cold War.

In "Undersea University", you'll visit the Navy's sub school in New London. Watch "Submarine Physical Principles" -- a technical film of the sort used to indoctrinate new recruits.

Other films profile the development of the Polaris missile and submarines, and show the transition as the longer-range Poseidon missile. In another movie, see the memorable day when First Lady Jackie Kennedy christened the SSBN USS Lafayette -- one of the "41 for Freedom".

The DVD also contains a film about the nuclear powered USS Skate, the first sub to surface at the North Pole. Finally, "Submarine Support Operations" showcases the tenders that support the fleet.

Color and B&W.
Over two hours of material.



Frogmen and Divers - Underwater Demolition Teams Frogmen and Divers:
Underwater Demolition Teams

The U.S. Navy's deep sea divers and frogmen are some of the most highly trained and specialized personnel in the armed forces. Featured on this DVD are five rare films showing the history of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) - predecessors to the modern SEALs - and some of the regimens developed to train them and the Navy's deep sea divers.

Special attention is given to the physical effects of diving and the potential hazards that lurk below the surface. Learn about the development of underwater photography techniques, and see early footage of the use of the aqualung by Cousteau.

See how UDTs operated during WWII, and see them deploy for combat from a submerged submarine. Watch a film made by the Navy's diving school showing salvage techniques utilized by hard-hat divers. Witness the exploits and accomplishments of those men who braved the fathoms deep.

Color and B&W.
Run time: 86 minutes.



The Deep Horizon - Sealabs and Sub Retieval The Deep Horizon
The Sealabs and Submarine Retrieval

This DVD features films about the SeaLab I and Sealab II habitats, and more! You'll see astronaut Scott Carpenter's record-setting stay below the sea.

Watch as the mini-submarine Aluminaut, which played a role in the retrieval of a lost atomic bomb off the coast of Spain, demonstrates its proficiency as a salvage tool.

The DVD includes a revealing profile of some of the most sophisticated submersibles of the 60's and 70's, the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV) Avalon and Mystic, designed to free trapped crewmen from a disabled submarine.

The DVD concludes with "Submarine Salvage" which shows the techniques used to raise a sunken submarine.

Color and B&W.
Run time: 120 minutes.



Anti-Submarine Warfare Anti-Submarine Warfare:
Seek, Find, and Kill

This action-packed DVD features five rare, color and b&w films showcasing the Navy's anti-submarine capabilities at the height of the Cold War. See how the Navy uses aircraft, surface warships and destroyers, and hunter-killer submarines in the ASW mission.

In "To Catch a Shadow" learn how the co-ordination of Navy forces can result in the detection and destruction of enemy submarines. In "The Submariners" watch as the crew of the USS Shark engages in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with an enemy submarine, and scores a "kill".

Two other films, "Goblin at the Doorstep" and "The Hunter Killers" show Grumman P-3 Orion and Grumman Tracker aircraft as they sweep the seas for enemy boats. Finally, in "Coordinated ASW" learn the tactics behind the ASW formations used by the fleet in combat situations.

Color and B&W.
Over 110 minutes of material.



Sub Pack The Submarine Pack

The whole shebang! The ultimate gift for the submariner or submarine aficionado! Get all eight of our historic submarine documentary and training film DVDs and save!




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